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WP: Waiting (4) Posthuman

Posthuman is an idea of borderless humanity hybridized with animals and nature but, above all, with technology. posthumans-reconfiguration001A borderless beast that starts moving in the realm of contemporary knowledge. Waitingposthuman is a network, not only academic, conceived by Leonardo Caffo (University of Turin) in order to create spaces of intersections between art, philosophy, music and architecture – while waiting together for a posthuman era.

Waitingposthuman an event, an exhibition, a redefinition, a concept;
Waitingposthuman is a posthuman team in a human time;
Waitingposthuman is a research project;
Waitingposthuman is a city-planning workshop;
Waitingposthuman is artists that anticipate the world;
Waitingposthuman is participation and community;
Waitingposthuman is a publishing laboratory;
Waitingposthuman is you.

Website, and more

Based in Turin, with a foot in Milan and another in Rome, Waitingposthuman is a network with no imagesspatial boundaries. Waitingposthuman is “everywhere and nowhere” in the Internet time that has transformed human in a vast Spinozian body. Produced by the no-profit organization Gallinae in Fabula, it contitutes its apparatus for human studies: what is human is actually the question on what will we be. Continuously evolving, contemporary human beings live everywhere: Waitingposthuman will chase them, accompanying their transformations. The superman is dead, this is the time of posthuman.

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